Fall Farmette Festivities

Fall Farmette Festivities

So the rectangle of dirt that has occupied me since March for hours on end for weeks turned into months on end has undergone yet another transformation.    You would never know that there were countless pounds of fresh veggies coaxed out of that dirt.  You see a nicely manageable group of plants that require … Continue reading

What was and still is growing on…..

Sometimes, life gets in the way.  Fortunately, with enough, sometimes too much, rain and occasional, not nearly enough weeding, the dirt gives back, even though the farmette did not get the press it deserved.  Like a good mother I mean farmer, pictures were taken, memories were saved, and sometimes delicious dishes were served up!  Feast … Continue reading

Backyard Parmesan

I will be the first to admit I get obsessed when it comes to my veggies.  I cannot let a seedling die.  I must plant it, no matter where.  After the farmette has run out of room the next place I naturally think of is my earthboxes, which reside on my back patio.  Before the … Continue reading

What’s been up doc…….

All of a sudden it’s August.  It seems like the vegetables were just planted and the next thing you know, the corn is as high as an elephant’s thigh and not looking nearly as good as the neighbor’s, the tomatoes have run amuck, the hot peppers are proliferating well beyond any normal usage of a … Continue reading

Life grows on and on…..

As you might have guessed, things are growing along at the ole farmette thanks to all of the rain we have been having which is great since that meant I didn’t have to cart over 55 gallons of water several times a week but now the tomatoes are looking like they have the dreaded black … Continue reading

Life and the farmette, part 2

Life is not only green on my farmette.  You might remember from last year there were a few living things here and there that I reported on.  Here is living, breathing life on the farmette circa Summer 2013….. So, life grows on at the farmette……….

Life and the Farmette

Despite what you might think – the farmette is very much alive and well and growing by leaps and bounds!  It has been a very busy and productive spring – whether it was spent celebrating the future weddings of two young ladies very dear to me with beautiful showers or my daughter’s Master’s degree and … Continue reading

Springing to life!

The last day of February means the beginning of the slow arrival of warm weather to me.  The snow “might” not come again…..please don’t!  The scattered days of temperatures over 50 are less scattered and, in turn, start to coax things out of the dirt to turn the brown into patches of green.  Here we … Continue reading

Nature’s water bottle

The saga of the calabash squash is seemingly never-ending I know!  They first grew on me as volunteers in the garden, looking like they might become something delicious so I let them creep and crawl and vine around the space vacated by my failed cucumber crop until I was faced with some jolly green giants … Continue reading

The time had come!

All right JGG’s blog readers, I know you have been waiting for this since about October.   Well, last week, on a relatively balmy for January Sunday, I decided that it was time to…….HARVEST THE BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!!!  Yes, the talk of the Arctic cold front coming had me a little concerned that my darling sprouts … Continue reading